Air freight

Air freight

Air freight


Air freight is one of the safest and fastest ways to clear and import goods. Cargo air freight is a safe and fast way but costly, which is why it is more applicable to sensitive or expensive goods.

In fact, due to the different methods of transportation and packaging of goods, the cost of air freight is also different; therefore, as a businessman, if you want to use the air freight system, you can ask the customs to offer you the least cost of transportation and packing the goods, and then according to your circumstances, the amount of funds that you pay for the transportation of the goods Choose the best and best way to buy them.

Noora Tarabar Asia International Transport Co. in this method of transportation, which is the basis of the desired speed and accuracy, is able to move different cargoes to Iran and other countries and vice versa by using cooperation agreements with foreign airlines.

The most important pillar of air transportation is its safe route and speed, which is much faster and safer than sea and land transportation.
Due to the high safety of air transportation, the risk of damage to the goods is relatively less than the types of transportation.

Disadvantages of air transport:

The biggest problem with this type of transportation is its high cost, which usually prevents the use of this type of transportation of goods. If the cost of delays is more than the savings caused by the cost of sea and land transportation, the use of this method of transportation to customers and owners of the goods is recommended.
Air freight is usually used for relatively small and high-value goods and is recommended for bulky, large and heavy land and sea transport.

Standardization of packaging for air transport
standardize the equipment and equipment used for transporting goods in air
transportation is important in the world and plays an important role in saving money and time. IATA member airlines have provided a range of units or packing devices (UNIT LOAD DEVICE) to facilitate the exchange of goods at various airports around the world.

Other types are actually containers that sometimes do not have regular geometric shape, and finally, special cargo cargo air cargo that are smaller than ordinary treasures.

Conventional and permissible dimensions of these devices, loading capacity, weight of the vehicle or the turnover and finally the number or code and abbreviations assigned to each of them are written beside them, and according to these weights and scales, it is possible to determine which type of aircraft is suitable for what type of aircraft and in which it can be loaded.


OR AIR BILL is used only in the following cases:
For the carriage of a single cargo, and the consolidated cargo that are transported in one place, the Consolidater–which is actually the air freight must issue its own internal bill of lading.

A bill of lading or air bill of lading is non-negotiable, composed of three original copies and six copies of copies (copies).

Importance of Air Charter
The bill of lading is the most important transport document issued by the carrier or his authorized representative, and contains the following points:
* It is a strong document indicating the conclusion of a contract of carriage* A proof of receipt of goods for carriage
* A document for declaring goods to customs* It is a guide for airline employees on how to transport and delivery and change the goods

* The validity of the bill of lading begins from the moment of signing it by the parties and with the delivery of
the cargo to the The recipient inserted therein will terminate.

Noora Tarabar Asia International Transport Co. now has a special aircraft from China that will land directly from Guangzhou Airport to Sulaymaniyah International Airport and Iran – Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport, which means your cargo will be shipped within 11 hours and delivered in one day.

Of course, we offer our customer the most competitive net rate on the market and also this dedicated aircraft company with six special flights per week directly from Dubai at the best price in the market.

Iraq :
Air transport services from major airports in Iran such as Imam Khomeini Airport Tehran – Tabriz – Kermanshah – Urmia – Mashhad – Najaf – Karbala – Baghdad – Erbil – Sulaimaniyah and … It is possible by this company.

* Providing air handling services for dangerous and sensitive goods.
* Providing transportation services for overweight goods and volume.
* Providing airport customs clearance services.
* Provide direct shipping, loading and packing services.
* Providing ground transportation services by insured commercial trucks.
• Providing services to neighboring countries.
* Providing services and permits for transportation of medical goods, cigarettes, card readers, miners and all goods that may face problems at borders.
* Providing special services for representatives and all companies, laboratories and factories
* Availability of quality control and inspection services.