Rail Services

Rail Services

Rail Services


Rail transport is used to transport cargo through the railway network and stations. The use of rail transportation is an effective method of transportation in terms of price, time and volume of goods.
Special freight wagons are used to transport goods, each with its own unique duties.

Advantages of Rail Transport:

The most important element of rail transportation is the safe route of transportation (the least impact of weather, the least accidents and failures) and its high speed in long transportation routes.
It is the most cost-effective type of transportation of goods.
Due to the closed wagon, the cargo is safe from adverse weather conditions.
This method of transportation is usually used in the transportation of high volume and cheap prices.
Due to the high capacity of the wagons, more quantities of goods can be transported.
Low stop along the freight route.

One of the biggest disadvantages of rail transportation is that it is not usually available in all other regions and countries.
Due to lack of adequate infrastructure, the waiting period of cargo is longer than other types of transportation.

Iran Railway started from north to south from Turkmen port along the Caspian Sea and ended in Imam Khomeini port in the Persian Gulf.
The IRI Railways from the ports of Imam and Abbas are connected to the Armenian and Russian railways through Jolfa, through the Razi border to the Turkish and European railways, and by Sarakhs to the railway of Turkmenistan and CIS countries.
Thus, the Islamic Republic Railways plays a major part of the combined transportation complex by allowing loading from southern ports and carrying transit cargo from the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a major component.