Foreign transit

Foreign transit

Foreign transit


Foreign transit includes foreign goods that enter and exit from one border point of the country in order to cross Iranian territory.
The goods that pass through the country under the name of foreign transit are not considered to be a definite import and export and are exempt from paying commercial interest and customs duties and duties, but it is subject to paying customs fees.

Any goods whose definitive entry into the country is permitted can be transported as transit in accordance with the relevant regulations, but the transit of goods whose definitive entry into the country is prohibited by special laws is subject to the special permission of the state in each case.

Transit formalities should be carried out in customs houses that are allowed for transit and Iranian customs can also allow the issuance of transit permits for goods that are imported and exported to the country according to general regulations of export and import and customs and customs is unauthorized or conditional.

• Foreign transit
stages of foreign or international transit goods, after customs formalities are carried out at the incoming customs office directly to the outgoing customs office. At the customs of entry (authorized for transit operations), the owner of the goods or the carrier on behalf of the owner of the goods sets a transit declaration in two copies.
After that, the incoming cargo and the relevant means of carriage, if the vehicle has a valid international license, will declare to the customs as a foreign transit and provide the documents required for customs controls.

• Important points in foreign transit

  1. a) In cases where foreign transit of goods is subject to obtaining a license, the provision of a permit when declaring for foreign transit is necessary for foreign transit
    b) Sometimes the manifesto of foreign transits, which are entered by dhow or barge, is accepted instead of bill of lading.
    c) Trucks carrying cargo cargo carnet, c. My. R is passed without the need to make a statement and deposit the deposit.
    (d) In the case of goods transported by the customs of choice by a state post or by state transport companies to the border of the exit, Customs may accept a valid written guarantee instead of all or part of the guarantee.
    e) The period of validity required for the transportation of transit goods from customs entry to exit customs is determined according to the distance and manner of the road and seasons of the year, the type of vehicles and other quality by the customs entering and is determined and fixed on the transit flight.
    (f) The deadline set in foreign transit permits is calculated from the time of the departure of goods from the exit doors of customs premises and areas.

    If the transit goods do not leave the border of the country until the end of the validity period of the license due to force force (force majeure), the goods consumed in the country are considered and the receipt of the guarantee will be deposited as follows:

    In the case of authorized goods, customs rights and commercial profits and duties are subject to issuing customs license to related income.
    • In case of unauthorized and conditional goods, the parliament detects the smuggling of regulation and the sum of the amount of guarantee as the value of the goods and the penalty belonging to the confiscated and is fully based on the government’s definite income.

    All foreign transit goods that are transported by Iranian international transport companies licensed to operate from the Ministry of Roads and Transportation but are used in terms of depositing the guarantee in the form of authorized goods, and bank guarantees or bank guarantees of international transport companies or valid insurance policies are accepted instead of transit guarantees.

    Containers carrying goods are exempt from paying interest and customs duties and customs duties are only registered, entering and exiting them.

    CountyMales entered with initial seals are not required to evaluate the contents by the evaluation service and are only transited in accordance with the documents and declaration by attaching additional customs seals by issuing licenses.

    The Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Chamber of Commerce of Industries and Mines of Iran shall provide transit of goods covered by the Tir Carnet at all ports of entry and exit of domestic customs.

    Transportation and terminals organization according to the location of time and place, determined a specific route with the coordination of the Ministry of Interior for road transit and the police are obliged to take necessary controls.

    The transportation of goods passing through the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs is not limited to a specific means and their carriage by various vehicles from ships, trucks, trains, airplanes, pipes or a combination of them (composite carriage) is permitted under the terms of this Regulation. The list of prohibited goods is prepared by the Supreme Security Council and approved by the Council of Ministers.

    Foreign goods can be transported through the territory of the country by:
    • Direct passage from the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the outside of the country • Carrying a combination of the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran abroad
    • Maintenance in protected areas or customs places and arrangement for gradual and general shipment of
    them abroad

    Containers carrying foreign goods are considered as containers of goods and do not require separate declaration, but international shipping companies can request to issue temporary entry permits for containers in order to facilitate the circulation of these containers (frequent entry and exit) for the container and customs is obliged to accept it.

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